A description of the database

  1. The database of the restorers’ examinations in Zhovkva was made with ESRI’s ArcGIS 10.2.2 software. It is a file geobase Zolkiew.gdb.
  2. The database includes the following data:
    • The basic data – the plan of the Castle. This is data developed on the basis on the documentation of the Castle, made in the .dwg format (AutoCAD). This data was converted to the ArcGIS software and georeferenced (on the basis of generally available map foundations: Open Street Map, orthophotograph).
      The object classes were created in the database. They represent the parts of the castle as described below:
      • rooms – polygon object class
      • walls - polygon object class
      • doors – linear object class
      • windows – linear object class
      • wall planes – linear object class
      • castle - polygon object class representing the outline of the building
      • park - polygon object class representing the outline of the park

      The above classes of objects were placed in the Castle set of data. The rooms were ascribed basic attributes such as Room No., Name from 1743, Name from 1762 (the names of the rooms were taken from a book by Tadeusz Bernatowicz – The Royal Residence in Zhovkva in the 18th century), and photos presenting the current state of the rooms were uploaded.
    • The restoration researches concern four rooms. The object classes are created for each of those rooms:
      • researches – punctual object class representing points of sampling for examination. Each sample has its own ID numer (Nr_ID). There is a pdf documentation for each sample.
      • frieze outline – polygon object class
      • vector – linear object class based on dwg documentation (AutoCAD) with views of the walls
      There is also a table containing a non-spatial data:
      • examination data (DANE_badania) – contains all data for every sample taken for examination. The table is linked with the punctual objects disposed on every wall of examinated rooms.
      The visual data converted to the database are also available – photographic layers containing views of the interior walls and revealed friezes. The names of every object classes and visual data classes are composed with the letter "s" and the number of the room - for example: "sII_badania".
  3. A website with the application containing the data is available on: http://gis.muzeum-wilanow.pl/zolkiew