Instructions on how to use the database

Using a spatial database resembles using popular satellite maps of the surface of the Earth, with a search function that are available online. Similarly to, e.g. Google maps, it is equipped with a tool to zoom in or out of the viewed surface, to display and juxtapose different thematic surfaces, and to search for specific information.

After clicking on the respective rooms in which the restorers’ examination took place (rooms highlighted in light yellow), new maps are opened, presenting the walls in those rooms. Like before, one can use all the above-mentioned tools.

The level of walls is also equipped with a table of attributes (which you unfold by clicking on the arrow at the bottom of the screen), which includes basic information on the samples taken from the walls, and as you select a sample from the table, it is located on the wall (it gets highlighted). By clicking on the point from which a sample was taken, one can gain access to the records describing the methodology of the examination which it underwent and get familiar with the results.